turning corporate refuse
into scientific research


This is an account of out-of-pocket expenses that I have incurred for this project.

05/15/2008Domain Name registration 1 yearrefuse4research.org$5.99
05/23/2008Keyboard/Mouse Y-CableUnit Seven had a combination Keyboard and Mouse port$3.98
06/30/2008Used 16 port SwitchNetwork connectivity$24.84
09/17/2008Used 8 port AC Power SwitchRemote power cycling of network equipment and some PC Pool Members$44.57
11/03/200810- 15' CAT5e Patch CablesNetwork connectivity$29.64
11/07/2008SOHO RouterNetwork connectivity$79.49
11/12/2008Used 24 port SwitchNetwork connectivity$34.99
11/18/2008Used UPS Network Management Card - UPS AMonitor UPS loads and line power remotely$14.98
11/25/2008Used UPS Network Management Card - UPS BMonitor UPS loads and line power remotely$23.95
01/29/2009Used Blower Fan for GW E2100 Unit 2Replace failed blower$29.79
05/15/2009Domain Name registration 1 yearrefuse4research.org$8.99
07/24/2009Used UPS Network Management Card - UPS CMonitor UPS loads and line power remotely$29.99
07/24/200910- 10' CAT5e Patch CablesNetwork connectivity$23.90
05/15/2010Domain Name registration 1 yearrefuse4research.org$8.99
05/20/2011Domain Name registration 1 yearrefuse4research.org$8.99
06/11/2011Server Memory2 x Compaq ProLiant ML370 G2 4GB PC133 Sdram for Units Six and Nine.$47.98
06/11/2011Server MemoryCompaq ProLiant ML370 G2 4GB PC133 Sdram for new donated Unit Eightteen.$23.99
02/10/2012Used APC AP9619 Network Management Card - UPS AMonitor server room temperature.$19.99
03/08/2012APC Temperature Sensor ProbeMonitor server room temperature.$25.00
05/04/20122 Server CPUsUnit Seventeen only had 2 of 4 CPUs when received.$63.95
05/19/2012BIOS Batteries3 CR2032 BIOS Batteries$13.96
05/29/2012Domain Name registration 1 yearrefuse4research.org$9.99
  TOTAL: $577.94