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News Updates for 2010

I have been unable to get Unit Eleven running. I have brought Unit Twelve out of retirement and it's back at work. 26,314,156 Points (Rank: #853)

The SCC network engineer has found and corrected the network issue. It seems a cable became less than fully plugged in. 26,034,159 Points (Rank: #854)

All network access has been lost. It doesn't appear to be anything on the units though.

Units Two, Fourteen, Nineteen, Twenty, Twentyone and Twentyeight had to be rebooted to restore network connectivity. Unit Eleven remains offline. 25,355,129 Points (Rank: #860)

Unit Eleven has suffered from a HDD failure. I should have it running again in a few days. 24,416,568 Points (Rank: #879)

Happy Halloween!!! Nothing to report this week. 24,153,364 Points (Rank: #880)

Unit Fifteen had to be rebooted due to lost network connectivity. All seems fine now. 23,726,653 Points (Rank: #896)

All units are running well. No news to report. 23,079,251 Points (Rank: #912)

All's quiet. 22,152,976 Points (Rank: #941)

Unit Fifteen hung and needed to be rebooted last night, but it seems to be running fine now. 21,071,178 Points (Rank: #976)

ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! WITH 20,334,004 points awarded, Refuse For Research is now ranked #999 out of 518,871 members of World Community Grid!!!! This is an amazing milestone considering that all the PCs and servers would have otherwise been thrown out and r4r has only been live for 2 years, 79 days, 10 hours. WHOOOO-HOOOO!!!!!

Well, nothing new the past few weeks, except I've got 20 Million Points!!!! Oh, and I'm so close to the top one thousand. 20,177,573 Points (Rank: #1,009)

Unit Twentytwo has had a HDD failure. Also, I'm taking this opportunity to use it as the first unit with the current Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server OS.

Well, it's been another quiet 2 months. Nothing new to report. 18,649,569 Points (Rank: #1,065)

Eight units had to be manually restarted. Not sure why, but most likely they failed to recover during a power outage. 15,658,882 Points (Rank: #1,201)

Unit Twentyfive has been pulled from service due to power constraints. 14,770,301 Points (Rank: #1,247)

Unit Thirty has been pulled from service and re-purposed for another project. Unit Twelve has been pulled from service due to power constraints. 14,725,519 Points (Rank: #1,250)

Units Fifteen, Twentyeight and Thirtyone have been upgraded and are working hard. 13,954,081 Points (Rank: #1,300)

Unit Thirty has had a new HDD installed and is back at work. All else seems to be running smoothly. 13,579,126 Points (Rank: #1,317)

Unit Thirty has suffered a HDD failure. 12,562,440 Points (Rank: #1,382)

After a discussion with some folks on the World Community Grid forums, I realize now that the CPU run time shown is not a measure of how much actual work has been accomplished based on a reference server, but rather just a simple sum of all the time the Refuse For Research CPUs have been working on projects. While this is nice to know, it's not a good way to gauge how successful Refuse For Research is. I am therefore returning to tracking how many points Refuse For Research has been given. Since points are awarded by useful result returns, this should be a more accurate way of seeing how Refuse For Research compares with other people. 12,286,828 Points (Rank: #1,396).

Unit Thirty had a HDD failure, so it had Ubuntu reloaded on it. Unit Two apparently forgot what time it was, so it hasn't actually been able to pass the security and download new work. Unit Twentytwo ran out of disk space and so was unable to download new work. All are fixed now and running normally.

WOW!! Refuse For Research is now in the top 500 of CPU time! 38 years, 66 days, 18 hours of Run Time (Rank: #497)

The first of the new servers is online as Unit Thirtytwo. 37 years, 295 days, 13 hours of Run Time (Rank: #503)

Unit Eight has suffered from a CPU meltdown. On a more positive note, I've been told that there some old servers about to be sent my way. Also, I don't have to completely rearrange my layout. The decision was made to keep the old racks I'm currently inhabiting and put the new shelves elsewhere. 37 years, 48 days, 2 hours of Run Time (Rank: #515)

Unit Thirtyone is now online. 36 years, 247 days, 8 hours of Run Time (Rank: #521)

Unit Twentyeight's replacement is now online. For the first time I have thirty running units! 36 years, 121 days, 16 hours of Run Time (Rank: #522)

Unit Thirty is now online, but Unit Twentyeight suffered a PSU failure and has been removed from service to be replaced by another unit. Also, I'm in the midst of re-organizing the space Refuse For Research inhabits as Saddle Creek has repossessed the exisiting rack and counter space that the PC units and networking gear are currently on. They are providing me with open shelving in exchange, which will actually be an improvement as putting PCs in a server rack tends to waste a lot of space. 36 years, 66 days, 4 hours of Run Time (Rank: #523)

Unit Twentynine is now online. 35 years, 361 days, 23 hours of Run Time (Rank: #524)

Units Twentyseven and Twentyeight are now online. 35 years, 188 days, 16 hours of Run Time (Rank: #534)