turning corporate refuse
into scientific research

News Updates for 2013

The Refuse For Research project was closed on March 30, 2013.

UPS A apparently had a cooling fan failure, which caused at least one of the batteries to overheat, releasing stinky gas into the server room. The UPS has been pulled from service and it's units have obviously been turned off. I will be moving the best of it's units to UPS B, although it too needs batteries.

All seems quiet with the exception being that UPS batteries are starting to fail. I replaced the batteries in UPS A with a set that has been sitting around for a few years. Hopefully they will still work. Now, UPS B is starting to complain about it's batteries. 84,221,810 (#608 out of 610,548).

Wow, a really quiet couple of months. Nothing to report. 83,130,109 (#598 out of 609,895).